Chemical Peels | PCA Skin Peels

Chemical Peels | PCA Skin Peels
Effective but gentle PCA Skin peels are scientifically researched and clinically proven. Safe for ALL SKIN TYPES and all shades of skin. Regarded in clinical spas as the safest and most advanced skin care treatment available. Reduce the visible signs of aging. Improves skin’s tone and texture, reduces both hyper-pigmentation and fine-line lines. Can be used to control acne breakouts and calm rosacea. Dramatic results are achieved with a series of peels. All peels begin with a consultation to determine the best treatment. All peels include the PCA Skin one-week take-home post-treatment six-product kit. Price: $99. (1 to 4 layers)

PCA Peel Blog
“It will burn my skin and make it blister”….”it’s going to hurt and will be painful”….”I’m afraid, my skin is too sensitive.”  These are some of the familiar misconceptions I often hear in response to suggesting a chemical peel as a corrective skin option.  I guess we’ve all seen the reruns of Sex In the City where Samantha has to show up at Carrie’s party in a “bee-keeper chic” veil to hide her exaggerated burnt skin after an awful skin resurfacing.  As humorous as that was, it perpetuates the false misconception that peels are harmful and are supposed to be feared.

Dermatologists and estheticians have now revised and reconfigured what was done in the early days of chemical peels. The peel has evolved. Aggressive, high concentrations of a single chemical acid was once the standard since it was believed that they would yield better treatment results. The days of uncomfortable itchy snake-like skin shedding and sun burnt appearance followed by days of hiding are now gone. Now the industry has turned down the high intensity chemical peels and replaced them with a more modern and moderate approach. Gentler combinations of lower strength multiple exfoliating acids formulated to leave skin glowing instead of flaking are what chemical peels offer today. Furthermore, the newer fruit-enzyme peels do not even contain acids at all.

At Urban Retreat Spa, customers looking for the best facials in Fort Lauderdale often will inquire about what peels we can offer them for their particular skin care needs. A complimentary skin analysis will determine if you are a candidate for a peel and which protocol will work best for you. All of the estheticians at Urban Retreat Spa are certified by PCA SKIN in both Skin Biology and Peel Fundamentals. PCA SKIN peels are perfect for Fort Lauderdale spas, where customers are often seeking to repair sun damaged skin. All facials at Urban Retreat Spa also come with a free six product one week take home kit to protect treated skin after the treatment. It is highly recommended to use this kit and protect recently treated new skin from sunlight for best results.

PCA peels will encourage the skin to gently shed its dull complexion that are clogging top layers. Peels can solve many different kinds of skin issues. Everything from lightening pigmentation to brown spots to acne breakouts to rosacea calming and smoothing rough skin and the appearance of fine lines for anti-aging results can be addressed by a customized peel. There is a formula for treating every skin type, and PCA SKIN has peels that are suitable for all shades of skin. A series of customized peels can have the same results as laser resurfacing without the down time and at a fraction of the cost. Adding peels to your monthly facials on a regular basis is such an easy and affordable way to achieve and maintain beautiful skin. Luminous skin results are attainable at any age when you trust the PCA SKIN certified professionals at Urban Retreat Spa in Fort Lauderdale.