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O2 Lift Facials

When looking for Facials in Fort Lauderdale or if you’ve felt the need for a quick makeover prior to a special event the O2 Lift at Urban Retreat Spa is a great choice. We’ve all learned the lesson, (some of us the hard way) of leaving enough time before a new skin care treatment and a special event. With the O2 Lift by Image Skincare the wait time rule does not apply. This luxurious and refreshing skin treatment brings instant gratification, no wonder it’s referred to as the Celebrity Red Carpet Facial. The O2 Lift Facial is perfect when done the morning before or day of an event when your skin needs to look as close to perfect as possible for the unforgiving lens of high definition cameras and videos. You will feel and look flawless in pictures and “selfies” with the confidence of glowing gorgeous skin that this treatment guarantees.

When the most beautiful women in the world, the contestants of Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants use this as their treatment of choice on event night it made me want to investigate what all the “media-buzz” was about. What I discovered was that this revolutionary system works on all skin types so everyone can reap the benefits and is gentle and safe enough to be used even by pregnant women. We’ve heard of celebrities like Madonna, Eva Longoria, Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez raving about the benefits of oxygen facials as part of their skin care and anti-aging routines and for good reason, oxygen treatments work on a cellular level. With our exposure to sunlight here in Fort Lauderdale and the environmental pollutants in the air that block pure oxygen from entering our pores, it’s no wonder our skin starts to lose its glow. An oxygen facial like the O2 Lift will help counteract the free radicals that damage and age our skin over time. Our skin is craving oxygen to keep itself healthy, youthful and hydrated. Our skin wants to “Be Lifted.”

The cutting edge effervescent oxygen masque of the Image Skincare O2 Lift will brighten, increase circulation, speed healing and eliminate toxins. The enzymatic benefits of pineapple and papaya will exfoliate the surface layers of the skin. Pure plant stem cell enhancers rejuvenate and prevent signs of aging. And the tinted moisturizer final step will illuminate and provide skin with the utmost protection. The results you get will be natural, hydrated fresh glowing picture perfect skin. The skin you were meant to have. Feeling confident on a special day is what this amazing facial treatment accomplishes in just one hour.

Evidence based skin care solutions is what we are all looking for and Image’s O2 Lift Facial “a breath of fresh air” delivers!  A free skin analysis will determine when you can best utilize the O2 Lift as part of your skin care regimen. The O2 Lift Facial and many other anti-aging systems for skin rejuvenation are available from the professional, caring and friendly estheticians providing Fort Lauderdale’s best facials at Urban Retreat Spa.