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The Secrets of Beautiful Skin – At Any Age Made Simple

Are you are still expecting results from using over the counter department store products? Or worse yet, still using the same skin products you used 5 or even 10 years ago? If these questions are making your heart race or you feel the beginnings of a beauty product panic attack….RELAX, we’ve got you covered with our easy guide to beautiful skin at every age.
As an Esthetician, doing Facials in Fort Lauderdale, it’s obvious to see that skin care for women can be overwhelming today. There are many products promising results with ingredients you can’t pronounce let alone even know what they do. Individual needs vary and the ultimate decision should be made with the help of a Skin Care Professional, a licensed Esthetician, not the commission based sales person at the department store or the sales clerk at Ulta. Please stop the madness of infomercial beauty kits and direct sales miracle products sold by your neighbor’s co-worker’s cousin. And if you are up at 2am watching HSN or QVC ready to purchase the next celebrity promoted skin line….PLEASE STOP….and call for your Free Skin Analysis to ultimately decide the best professional skin care treatments and home regimen customized specifically for you.
Our 20’s, when everything is smooth, firm and beautiful.
In this age group, your face has lots of natural “radiance and glow” so it’s all about protecting and saving your beautiful young skin. Late night partying and sun exposure can start to create what will become serious issues in the coming decades. In your 20’s sunblock is everything, learn to use it daily by keeping it next to your toothpaste. This will prevent the free radical damage that will appear in later years, this is the time to start preventing collagen breakdown and wrinkles. If you are still experiencing breakouts learn about gently unclogging pores without using the strong acne fighters from your teen years. The wrong cleanser or harsh scrubs will strip off too much oil and dry out your skin. Begin to use moisturizers with anti-oxidants nightly.
This is the perfect decade, with the help of an Esthetician, to create the routine of professional facials and skin care. Learn to use the best type of cleanser, moisturizer and sunblock for your skin type and use them daily.

Is that a wrinkle?…..our 30’s.

The constant skin renewal of our 20’s is now slowing down, with less collagen and elastin production. You may notice skin becoming a little dull or a bit uneven in coloring. The epidermis becomes drier and thicker, roughness and uneven texture begin to appear. And yes even your first expression lines and wrinkles. And if you weren’t faithful to daily sunblock in your 20’s little patches of hyperpigmentation (sun spots) begin popping up. So sun screens are a daily must, and not the over the counter ones, only a professional one picked specifically for your skin type.
If you haven’t started with a serious skin routine, don’t put it off any longer. This is the time to up the moisturizers that include vitamin C, peptides and retinols since they have been proven to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. At this stage in life is a great time to learn about proper exfoliation treatments with enzymes or gentle chemical peels to address texture or pigmentation issues. Collagen Induction Therapy to stimulate collagen a few times a year will be a beneficial treatment.
Find a great Esthetician and learn about the best professional treatments and home care products to help you look your best. Don’t go it alone, with the help of a professional you will ease into your 40’s.

Can you guess my age? The 40’s.

Collagen now breaks down, especially if you weren’t diligent with sunblock in your 20’s and 30’s. Skin can begin to show the signs of our lifestyle choices. Wrinkles appear more pronounced, skin can become more sensitive to climate and pollutants. Skin becomes more dehydrated, less plump and we begin to notice it’s less elastic and thinner. Lines begin to form around the mouth and puffiness around the eyes. Fillers and Botox are now things to consider. If you decide to go the rout of needles you must not neglect the surface and texture of your skin to look your best. Regular facials, Collagen Induction Therapy and gentle chemical peels will all address skin surface whether or not Botox or fillers are used. Products should include hyaluronic acid, retinols, vitamin C, peptides and stem cells. And most important, sun block that is suited best for your skin type.
Forty is far from fatal and skin that is properly treated can look fresh and radiant. Keep it simple with morning and evening routines of professional strength products. Make sure your Esthetician continues to inform you of any new industry products and services that become available. Ask if they pursue continuing education and attend seminars and training on an ongoing basis. It’s a team effort.

The 50’s….is it hot in here or is it just me?

Hormone changes can bring all kinds of new skin challenges. Products that previously worked now cause redness or irritation. Dryness intensifies so creamier cleansers are better and hyaluronic acid is a must. Collagen spritzes to address dryness can be used throughout the day. Ultra hydrating treatments with oils can be extremely beneficial. Use sun blocks that are moisturizing. Stem cells, retinols, peptides will all help the texture issues and lax skin. Learn from your Esthetician about products and treatments that will build up depleted collagen.
Another challenge of the 50’s is the appearance of hairs, mostly on the chin or around the mouth. Avoid tweezing, it will only make the hairs thicker. Plucking will cause you to not really be able to access the actual amount of hair there is because you don’t see it all at once. An easy solution is dermaplaning which will make hair grow back softer. Laser or electrolysis can be a more permanent solution.

We’ve seen how ignoring the basics of skin care can lead to advanced aging. Avoid looking older than you really are. Don’t let the choices you make today lead to premature aging. There so many options that can renew damaged skin and finding an Esthetican to partner with is crucial. Ask questions. Are they certified in special techniques? Do they attend Trade Shows several times a year? Which professional product lines are they trained and certified to use and sell? Are they passionate and sincere about taking care of your skin? Do they belong to professional organizations and associations?
At Urban Retreat Spa we believe in evidence based skin care solutions and stay up to date with new treatment protocols. We are proud to be a PCA Skin certified peels center. Our facility is certified by the Florida Esthetics Association in Skin Analysis, Micro-Needling (Collagen Induction Therapy) and Dermaplaning. Turn to the experts you can trust for the most up to date skin care solutions.