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5 Steps to Layering Your Skincare Products

Finding the right skincare routine can get pretty complicated when you start adding in layers. We’ve got the perfect 5-step plan to simplifying your layering routine. Image Skincare offers a variety of products for each step to fit your…

UV Rays: What Are They and How Do They Affect Our Skin?

At Urban Retreat Spa we believe the best facials in Fort Lauderdale always includes SPF to protect our skin in the South Florida year round summer weather. We carry over 10 professional grade sunblocks. The sun emits 3 different kinds…
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I Prime flawless blur gel

Many women have personal issues with their complexions. Pimples, large pores, blackheads, scars, rosacea and a whole slew of other skin issues make it difficult for many to cover up and help their skin heal. IMAGE Skincare produces products…
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3 Simple Steps to Healthy Skin: Men’s Edition

Most men consider splashing their face off in the shower sufficient. Compared to the large collection of skincare products most women keep in their bathrooms, most men tend to have very little, if any. The best mans facial in Fort Lauderdale…
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Contouring and Highlighting Made Easy – By Frank Velaz

  Contouring can be intimidating for lots of people. Too many steps, too many tools and in the end inch thick makeup that looks more drag queen than natural. With the right products and tools there’s a much easier way to subtly contour…
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Create Beautiful Eye Brows – By Frank Velaz

There is a science behind the perfect brow and it’s a technique used by Makeup Artists and Estheticians around the world. Eyebrow contouring can be made easy when following “The Golden Ratio” a mathematical equation from the 1500’s.…