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5 Back to School Skincare Tips

It’s that time of year again! Back to school is in full swing and so are our schedules. The dog days of summer are coming to an end, and that means we’ve all got more on our plate. Whether you’re packing lunches or hitting the books,…
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Why Your Skin Needs Moisturizer Year-Round

The warmer temps are rolling in and we’re counting down the days until it’s officially summer! Summer means beach vacations, weekend trips, sporting our favorite sundresses, wearing lighter makeup and getting a little color on our pale winter…

Is Your Skin Suffering From The Sugar Blues ?

We all know that too much sugar is bad for our health. Most people aren't aware of sugars negative effects on the skin.  Sugar consumption is linked to a process known as glycation. Glycation is the result of a sugar molecule—either fructose…
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Sleep Your Way To Better Skin – Facials Fort Lauderdale Spa Florida

The National Sleep Foundation declared National Sleep Awareness Week in the month of March to celebrate the health benefits of sleep. While the effects of prolonged poor sleep on overall health are well known, getting a good night’s sleep…
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Stem cells: an overview – Facials Fort Lauderdale Spa Florida

Plant-derived stem cells are one of the newest and most exciting advances in cosmeceutical skincare. Referred to as “meristematic cells,” they can differentiate to become various cell types and have an unprecedented ability to protect epidermal…
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IMAGE Skin Care Fort Lauderdale Clear Cell Acne Treatment

Battling Breakouts There are several different types of pimples, from blackheads to pustules, all of which are unique and equally unwanted. The trick to dealing with your acne is to pinpoint the type of breakout you have and get informed about…