Anti aging Facials in Ft Lauderdale

Don’t Ignore Your Neck – Anti Aging Facials in Ft Lauderdale

Anti Aging Facials in Ft Lauderdale

Is your neck giving your age away?

When performing facials in Ft. Lauderdale, I often notice that the skin on the neck appears more lax, pigmented, and wrinkled than the skin on face. Nothing will give away your age more than crepey, lose skin in the neck area and dehydration in the decollete. The reason neck wrinkles and loose skin appear on your neck so much faster than your face is due to a few factors. The skin on your neck is thinner, and the muscles are weaker than the skin on your face. Also, the fact remains most people do not cleanse, exfoliate, or even moisturize or protect their neck area. The neck requires special care. Your neck and face are in very close proximity, so what effects your face also effects your neck area simultaneously. Since the concentration of our focus when choosing the best facial products and treatments are to our face, it leaves our neck a silent victim, showing signs of aging quicker than any other area. The forms of damage that you will experience can be anything from neck wrinkles and creases to sun spots and lose skin, and these signs of aging to the neck and decollete area can be seen as early as our 20’s. Years of the outdoor South Florida lifestyle can wreak havoc on our necks. Tanning beds, the use of alcohol heavy perfumes and wearing tank tops in our hot environment will also factor into damaged skin in the neck area.

At Urban Retreat Spa we cover the full spectrum of anti-aging, focusing not only on your face but your neck, hands and arms too. There are several options available when dealing with the neck area. We start off by using the same products that are prescribed for your face and bringing them down into your neck area. Whatever your skin type is more than likely will be the same skin type as your neck and decollete.

It is possible to reverse aging in the neck area

The best results that I have seen for reversing the signs of lax skin in the neck area is Collagen Induction Therapy. CIT will stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin. It will also reverse photo-damage such as hyperpigmentation and dehydration. Once the collagen production has increased, and the skin is in repair mode, then following up with a PCA Sensi or Ultra Peel. These new generation peels are gentle enough to be performed bi-weekly until results are achieved with minimal to no downtime. Both of these treatments can bring back the smooth glow and firmness of younger looking skin. For more dramatic improvement the daily use of professional strength home products feeding your skin the right nutrients like the UR-Beauty Hyaluronic Serum and Image Skincare’s Vital C Serum, to increase hydration and moisture balance is recommended.

Best product for the neck

PCA Skin Perfecting Neck and Decollete Cream is specifically formulated for the delicate skin on the neck and chest. This product produces rapid results for smoother younger looking skin and was voted one of the “Top Ten Beauty Must Haves” by Oprah’s O Magazine. This award winning product uses the newest generation of messenger peptides, palmitoyl tripeptide-38 that minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, grape seed fruit stem cell extracts, B vitamin, niacin (vitamin B3) that hydrates and promotes a clear complexion, rye seed extract to reduce laxity in the skin, and retinol vit A for clearer more even tone skin in the neck area.

So as it turns out, the best facial treatments are also the best neck treatments. And as always, prevention of further damage to the neck area is vital by the use of professional sun blocks designed specifically for your face and neck. Remember, sunblock is the most effective weapon we have against collagen breakdown.  Let your day at the spa not only be relaxing and therapeutic, but also educational.