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Create Beautiful Eye Brows – By Frank Velaz

There is a science behind the perfect brow and it’s a technique used by Makeup Artists and Estheticians around the world. Eyebrow contouring can be made easy when following “The Golden Ratio” a mathematical equation from the 1500’s. Simply put, when the golden ratio is applied aesthetically harmonious, balanced proportions are easy to achieve.

The rules to follow for your face shape are easy.

  • For a square shaped go with a more high accented arch to slightly narrow face.
  • A rounder shaped a strong structured brow adds definition and length.
  • Heart shapes try a softer slightly rounded arch will balance out the rounded forehead with the narrower chin.


  1. Step one: Comb your brow hairs upward to see if they need to be trimmed or filled in.
  2. Step two:  Use the middle of the nostril as a start point draw an imaginary line upward to find the starting point of the brow.
  3. Step three:  Use the middle area under the tip of nose draw imaginary line diagonally through the center of the pupil the brow to determine the highest point of brow arch.
  4. Step four: from the nostril draw imaginary diagonal line to the outer corner of the eye to determine the brows end point.


Use a matte brow shadow underneath the brow hairs to “fill-in” density with gentle shading. Then using a brow pencil or angled brow brush continue to add a bit more fullness to the front of brow and maybe add slight bit of density towards the tail end.  Finish with a clear brow gel to comb hairs up and lock the shaped brow in place.

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