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Contouring and Highlighting Made Easy – By Frank Velaz


Contouring can be intimidating for lots of people. Too many steps, too many tools and in the end inch thick makeup that looks more drag queen than natural. With the right products and tools there’s a much easier way to subtly contour your face that will take less than 5 minutes and achieve a finished look that is natural, soft and perfect for every day. Accentuate the features you want to highlight and make the ones you don’t less noticeable.

The Tool Kit


After applying your perfect shade of Image Skincare I-CONCEAL Flawless Foundation you can then start to highlight and contour. You’ll need 2 concealers, one that is about 1-2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone, and the other about 1-2 shades darker.. Just make sure the consistency isn’t too thick for easy blending. You’ll also need your Image Skincare I BEAUTY no. 101 Flawless Foundation Brush and your Cailyn Cosmetics O! WOW BRUSH to achieve a seamless look. Generally if your skin has a golden undertone you want to highlight and contour with warmer tones if you are rosier or beige undertone you want to use more golden tones to contrast.

Start with the darker shade. To find the right spot in your cheeks (avoid making the fish face as that will end up in the wrong place and too close to the mouth) and paint in the hollow area just in front of your ear. Continue to paint under your chin, along the jawbone, on either sides of your chin, sides of the nose, and temples. Creating more shadow to the areas you’d like to recede. If you will picture a “Nike swoosh” the darkest part of the contour should be towards the top of your ear and softly round out the apple of your cheeks.

Next, take the lighter shade and paint an upside-down triangle under the eyes, a line down the bridge of the nose, a dot on the chin, cupid’s bow, and center of forehead. Creating light to the areas you want to bring forward and highlight.
Learn about all these products as part of your skin analysis when looking for the voted best facial Fort Lauderdale has to offer at Urban Retreat Spa. For more info or to order any of these products visit http://www.facialsfortlauderdale.com/product-category/cailyn-cosmetics/ or call or text 954-249-9176. When you’re done mapping the areas with the Image Skincare no 1 Flawless Foundation Brush, grab your Cailyn Cosmetics O! WOW BRUSH and blend, then blend some more and did I say BLEND, everything together until an air-brushed effect is achieved. Be sure to blend into the hairline, down the neck, and into the ears. Avoid harsh lines or edges; you want to create a seamless natural look. Always give one final blend with your Oh-Wow brush which can be moistened with Skin Fitness Collagen Spritz. Remember to throw the Collagen Spritz in your bag in case you need to refresh makeup later, as a spritz or two will hydrate. If looking for a more matte finish top with a translucent powder.