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“Shave my face…oh no I can’t do that!” Then let me do it for you, it’s call Dermaplaning or Epi-Blade Dermal Leveling. It’s becoming extremely popular, starting in California as most new skin modalities often do and it’s become all the rage now spreading to the east coast. Patients and Estheticians are still not sure of what it is and how it benefits the skin. Curious to learn more about this technique I went to the experts at the Florida Esthetics Association and became fascinated by the simplicity of it. President Carla Postma explained that Epidermal Leveling works by scraping the top layer of the skin, removing dead skin cells and stimulating new cell growth. Eager to become proficient in this anti-aging technique I became Certified In Dermaplaning Exfoiliation.

Starting with a foaming cleanser to degrease the skin and remove any oils, I proceed once skin has completely dried using a disposable surgical grade #10 blade. Using a delicate feathering movement with minimal pressure to bring about an amazing manual exfoliation. The eye areas are to be avoided but the rest of the face, jaw line and neck can be treated. It is neither painful nor uncomfortable. The slow calm strokes can be very relaxing for the person receiving the treatment. For clients who respond to this treatment my recommendation is that they get it done on a regular basis approximately once a month. After the Dermaplaning treatment the skin may feel “warm” with slight redness but nothing major or alarming. The following day a gentle skin cleanser may be applied, followed by hydrating or stem cell serums. I recommend Urban Retreat Spas exclusive UR-Beauty Pure Hyaluronic Serum as it has a low molecular weight for maximum absorption and Image Skincare Stem Cell Serum. Results will be seen immediately in the days after the treatment with the proper follow up home protocol. As with all treatments a quality face sunblock (nothing over the counter) must be used.

I now realize that Dermaplaning is a simple, safe and non-invasive procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellous(peach fuzz) hairs. “But will it make my hair thicker or grow faster?!” Absolutely not! It does not effect the hair growth patterns or make it come back thicker. Hairs return softly and at the same rate and texture as before the treatments. Dermaplaning is not a “do it yourself” home project. It is not recommend that this be done on wet skin with “lady” blades normally used on the legs, as they are double or triple bladed and are not designed for delicate female facial skin. This will lead to a very ablative(harsh) experience and have the opposite effect, possibly even nick your skin or spread bacteria. When properly done by a Dermaplaning Certified Esthetican I have found this technique to be gentle enough to use on sensitive skin. It’s a great alternative to chemical peels and microdermabrasion and safe to use on pregnant women. It can be done on all shades of skin, with little to no down time. Women looking for facials in Fort Lauderdale will incorporate Dermaplaning as part of their treatment plan, it’s a great prep for oxygen treatment or a gentle chemical peels with great results “soft as a babies bottom” is what I usually hear as they look in the at the d fresh new skin. At Urban Retreat Spa with proper skin analyzing , we usually suggest a series of 3 to be spaced out monthly and then an evaluation as to how to best space out future treatments for optimal skin rejuvenation.