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Expect the Unexpected – Aligning your peel expectations with reality

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, chemical peels don’t have to result in a tomato-red and highly irritated face. If done properly, your peel should leave you with a healthy glow. In order to feel comfortable going into your peel and maximize your results afterwards, it’s important to know what to expect during your treatment.

Every chemical peel is customized to each person’s unique skin. It’s impossible to standardize chemical peels, as the layers of the peel and the products used should vary person-to-person. So, when it comes to peels, expect the unexpected until you get to your clinician’s office. Your clinician will determine your peel treatment based on a couple of factors: your skin concerns, your skin type and what results you want to see. It’s important to discuss your goals with your clinician before the treatment, so they can determine which direction to take your peel. This way, you are sure to leave with your happiest skin possible.

At Urban Retreat Spa our Estheticians are all certified PCA SKIN clinicians and have been specifically trained to determine your skin’s needs and how many layers of your peel solution are safe and effective. They should be able to provide you with clear expectations of what to expect after your specific treatment. Complications are rare with superficial chemical peels, but caring for your skin properly in the days following treatment further minimizes the chances of any negative effects.

It is possible to achieve beautiful results almost immediately after a chemical peel.

Contact a PCA SKIN Certified Professional for the best facial in Fort Lauderdale to discuss your goals and find out exactly what goodness your skin can gain through personalized treatment.