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O2 Lift treatment

Posted on October 20, 2014

We all know that oxygen is an essential element to sustain life. It’s not only what we breathe, but oxygen also kills harmful bacteria in our bodies while leaving the beneficial bacteria alone, something that no antibiotic or drug can claim to do. One of the major benefits of exercise is that it oxygenates your body, which not only improves your overall well-being, but also provides your skin cells with the oxygen they need to carry out their metabolic functions, thus improving the health and appearance of your skin.
As we age, the oxygen levels in our facial tissue naturally decline, decreasing blood circulation and causing our skin to look dull. By applying oxygen directly to your face, you can bring back that radiance, freshness, clarity and the firmness of your youth. Oxygen not only softens fine lines and wrinkles, but also kills bacteria, giving the skin a clearer looking complexion. The skin will be smoother, thus making makeup application easier. Who knew that an element found all around us could do that for our skin?

In truth, the air we breathe is composed of only about 18% oxygen (O2). Combine that with pollution, sun damage and other environmental factors, and you have a clogged system that does not turn over cells as quickly as it once did. So, how can you better oxygenate your skin?

Receiving oxygen facials will provide instant effects by plumping and hydrating the skin, soften fine lines and wrinkles and un-clog pores, allowing for your skin cells to turn over much faster. The Image O2 Lift is a professional treatment designed to do just that and more.

Our O2 Lift treatment is given by an esthetician and starts with a creamy cleanser. Then a papaya and pineapple enzyme is massaged in that will gently exfoliate. Next comes the oxygenation, a masque applied to the face, which will begin to fizz and bubble while it oxygenates your skin at a cellular level. A pure plant stem cell enhancer is next applied to further rejuvenate and prevent signs of aging. The treatment is topped off with Prevention + moisturizer to protect your skin from further sun damage. Once finished, you’ll leave with rejuvenated, glowing and firmer looking skin.

To carry on the effects of an O2 Lift treatment, you’ll want a foundation that will assist in the oxygenation of your skin. The I Conceal is a lightweight foundation that is comprised of oxygenating and botanical ingredients, allowing it to heal while it conceals and provide daily protection and anti-aging.

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