The Best Ways to Protect Yourself From Skin Cancer

At Urban Retreat Spa, Facials Fort Lauderdale we’re very aware that we are heading straight into summer. Best Facials for women & men, for summer that we recommend are the Image Skincare O2 Lift the perfect treatment to keep all the dull…

UV Rays: What Are They and How Do They Affect Our Skin?

At Urban Retreat Spa we believe the best facials in Fort Lauderdale always includes SPF to protect our skin in the South Florida year round summer weather. We carry over 10 professional grade sunblocks. The sun emits 3 different kinds…
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3 Simple Steps to Healthy Skin: Men’s Edition

Most men consider splashing their face off in the shower sufficient. Compared to the large collection of skincare products most women keep in their bathrooms, most men tend to have very little, if any. The best mans facial in Fort Lauderdale…
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Matte lips are a very popular new trend.  When properly applied these matte shades of lipstick can be elegant, dramatic and quite beautiful. Unfortunately, matte lipstick can at times tend to emphasize all the flaws of your lips, therefore,…
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Contouring and Highlighting Made Easy – By Frank Velaz

  Contouring can be intimidating for lots of people. Too many steps, too many tools and in the end inch thick makeup that looks more drag queen than natural. With the right products and tools there’s a much easier way to subtly contour…

Alcohol and Your Skin

Practicing mindfulness when drinking benefits your skin The changing of seasons is showing warmer days ahead, getting most of us in the mood for outdoor activities with drinks in our hands. While enjoying a few adult drinks is not a dire…