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5 Little-Known Factors (CHOICES) That Could Affect Your Skin

At Urban Retreat Spa Fort Lauderdale, we believe that every thing starts with a Skin Analysis and understanding what is going on and the factors of why your skin is in its current condition. Then we start the…
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Botanical ingredients are our passion at Urban Retreat Spa

Our entire Custom Woman Woman's Facials and Man Facials selections are all based on natural ingredients that come from plants. Aloe Barbadensis is one of our favorite must have ingredients to promote skin health and balance. There are approximately…
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The Best IMAGE Mask Products! Power Masking

So you come to Urban Retreat Spa, You get your Image O2 Lifts, or Custom Facial every 5 to 6 weeks. You use your customized home regiment protocol. But you want a bit more for in between. You miss that spa feeling…
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5 Steps to Layering Your Skincare Products

Finding the right skincare routine can get pretty complicated when you start adding in layers. We’ve got the perfect 5-step plan to simplifying your layering routine. Image Skincare offers a variety of products for each step to fit your…
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Create Beautiful Eye Brows – By Frank Velaz

There is a science behind the perfect brow and it’s a technique used by Makeup Artists and Estheticians around the world. Eyebrow contouring can be made easy when following “The Golden Ratio” a mathematical equation from the 1500’s.…

What does  “pH-balance”  mean?

Dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, acne, rosacea all of these buzzwords are used by the billion dollar beauty industry. One of the newest advertising “catch-words” is “pH-balance.” Should we ignore it or does it mean anything? How…