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Aging Effects Will Become a Thing of the Past

The MAX™ is IMAGE Skincare’s complex for boosting the skin’s natural defense mechanisms and repairing cell damage. Its pure ingredients provide protection at the cellular level against nutritional imbalance, oxidative stress and even UV…
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Sleep Your Way To Better Skin – Facials Fort Lauderdale Spa Florida

The National Sleep Foundation declared National Sleep Awareness Week in the month of March to celebrate the health benefits of sleep. While the effects of prolonged poor sleep on overall health are well known, getting a good night’s sleep…
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Best Facial Fort Lauderdale New IMAGE Skin Care Products 2015

New IMAGE products for 2015 Every year, the top licensed skincare professionals, estheticians, industry professionals, and select Beauty & Wellness media convene all across the globe at IMAGE Skincare’s highly anticipated Worldwide…
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PCA SKIN’s C-Quench Antioxidant Serum – Facials Fort Lauderdale Spa Florida

C-Quench® Antioxidant Serum is a complex formulation containing lilac leaf stem cell extract, resveratrol, glutathione, L-ascorbic acid and ergothioneine, which work synergistically to deliver sustained antioxidant protection. This ultimate…
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Myths & Truths About Chemical Peels and Skin Resurfacing – Facials Fort Lauderdale Spa Florida

When patients hear the words “chemical peel” they have many different thoughts as to what the actual outcome will bMe. Due to a lot of misinformation readily available on the internet and in the general media, chemical peeling can make people…
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Antioxidants and free radicals – Facials Fort Lauderdale Spa Florida

As skin health professionals, we know how vitally important daily use of a broad spectrum sunscreen is to the overall health of our skin. We also know that no SPF can protect the skin from 100% of the harmful UVA/UVB rays emitted from the sun,…