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The Benefits of Body Firming Crème

When performing the best massage Fort Lauderdale Massage Therapist hear  common complaints people have about their skin is cellulite and flaws due to aging. However, there are products out there that reduce the appearance of cellulite and protect skin against the test of time. If cellulite or aging has you down, look no further than our Body Spa collection.


Cellulite causes the skin to have a bumpy or cottage cheese like texture. It is most often found on the thighs, stomach or arms and makes wearing a bikini, shorts, or even short sleeves uncomfortable. If you fight cellulite and need a little extra help to make it go away, give CELL.U.Lift a try. Body Spa CELL.U.Lift Firming Body Crème is specially formulated to fight cellulite and skin laxity at a cellular level. It does this by strengthening collagen fibers and reducing the volume of underlying tissues and lipid cells. Clinical studies have also shown it that has produced firmer skin with a better hydrated surface.

If you want to fight or reduce the signs of aging, a fantastic lotion like Body Spa Rejuvenating Lotion is what you need. This lotion leaves the skin looking radiant with a fresh and soft feel. It is an ultra-hydrating body lotion with active agents like peptides, glycolic acid, and antioxidants that rejuvenate and exfoliate the skin. Use it all over the body to reduce signs of aging and improve skin texture.

The secret to healthy looking skin is all in the exfoliant. Body Spa Exfoliating Body Scrub is full of walnut shells, fruit enzymes, and Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHAs. AHA’s can be derived from fruit products and are safe for the skin. Body Spa Exfoliating Body Scrub will buff your skin to perfection without disrupting the natural pH of the skin.

It is common knowledge that the best way to protect the skin from aging is to use skin protection. However, many people do not want to lose the nice bronzed look they receive from spending time in the sun. That is why a product like Face and Body Bronzing Crème is a perfect alternative to spending unprotected time outdoors or in a tanning booth. It will moisturize while gradually creating a safe, flawless, golden glow. Apply daily to protect your skin and style with this fantastic skin crème.

All these products are part of IMAGE Skincare’s Body Spa collection. These products are specially formulated to treat skin problems at the cellular level and promote full body skin health. They target problem areas, help to repair cells, and nourish the skin. Use a product that is designed for your specific problem area like CELL.U.Lift or try all four. You will not be disappointed.

Please call us at 954-249-9176 and speak with an Urban Retreat Spa Esthetic Consultant if you are interested in any of the products described above. Start healing and caring for your skin today!