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5 Ways to Avoid Cracked, Dry Skin This Winter

Let’s face it. Winter is not our skin’s best friend. The cold, dry environment can lead to skin resembling a desert plain or maybe an alligator’s back. Many of us prepare for the winter months by stocking up on blankets, scarves, fashionable mittens and, of course, plenty of coats, but we forget that changing the way we treat our skin is just as important as changing our wardrobe and accessories.

If you are noticing your skin starting to dry out, and finding yourself rustling through your bathroom drawers for lip balm, then read these 5 tips to avoid the side effects of winter on your skin.


  1. Watch Your Shower Temp
  2. We know a hot shower is exactly what you feel you need (and deserve!) after trudging through piles of snow to make your way home at night, but think twice before you crank that faucet all the way to hot. Hot water actually dries your skin out by removing natural oils that help your skin retain moisture.
  1. Moisturize All Day Every Day

A key to moisturizing the skin is finding a great moisturizer for your skin type and the season. There are a number of options we offer to give your skin the perfect balanced glow.  During the day, be sure to use a moisturizer with SPF. (Yes, your skin needs sunscreen, even in the winter.)


  1. Keep Moisturizing Essentials In Your Purse

Nothing is worse than getting half way through your day and realizing your skin is already cracking and your lips have sucked out all the moisture from your lip balm. Be sure to keep a supply of hand crème and lip balm with you at all times.

  1. Save Up For A Humidifier

No, it isn’t at the top of your holiday shopping list, but your skin will thank you for the added vapor. When the weather changes outside, it changes in your home. Adding more moisture to the air while you are in your home will make a huge difference on the health of your skin.

  1. Apply Eye Crème At Night

If you find that the skin around your eyes is getting extra dry, try a hydrating eye crème before you go to bed at night. Extra points if you find one that is hydrating and anti-aging.

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