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Is your skin angry at you?

As an esthetician and facial spa owner, performing facials in Ft. Lauderdale, I have begun to notice patterns.  Smart beautiful women come into my office daily and tell me how much they hate their skin, how they have given up on attaining that glowing skin that they all dream of. As I look as these women, after several failed attempts to correct their skin issues by using over the counter products, often times turning in desperation to “group internet deals” for cheap facials and the “next best thing,” I am saddened and surprised as to the lack of information and misconceptions that are out there when it comes to skin care. I often see people frustrated to the point that they just give up and do nothing.  Others compensate by hoarding skin care products at an accelerated rate, trying to helplessly figure out how to resolve their particular skin care issues on their own. Upon performing the initial skin analysis what I often come across is skin that is dehydrated, rough, congested, clogged, stripped of moisture and dull. Basically, just plain angry skin. I will usually ask “what is it about your skin that bothers you or that you would like to change?” And often times the response is a very negative self-analysis of their skin and an almost “I give up” attitude. That does make me sad. There are so many simple corrective solutions available, which will get you back on track. With innovative modern science based skin care treatments and professional products, confidently beautiful skin is attainable.

Do not analyze your own skin

Before choosing the best facial products for women or the best facial treatments it is important to let a professional perform a detailed skin condition analysis. This requires a trained esthetician. Here at Urban Retreat Spa we are part of the Associated Skincare Professionals of America and have been trained and certified by the Florida Esthetics Association in skin analysis. We are a certified PCA Skin Peels Protocol Center. We take skin care very seriously. During your skin analysis we will educate you as to what type of skin you really do have. FYI… the majority of people have dehydrated skin. Especially here in Florida. Often times, the skin will compensate for this with excessive oil production thus leading people to believe they have oily skin. This lack of moisture which can camouflage as oily skin will lead people to use the wrong products, over scrub their face or use harsh over the counter products which will only lead to the overproduction of more oil and a vicious cycle of incorrectly treating your skin without results.

Even worse, people will purchase “internet group deals” that are not right for their skin type. Often times, once the coupon is purchased and the service is booked, these factory styled “spas” will do any treatment on any person without any consideration of what you actually need. These services are often performed by inexperienced, undertrained estheticians forced to use cheap inferior products in an effort to cut cost and increase profits. And forget about time being designated for an in-depth skin analysis.  Because of the fast paced conveyer belt setting, the same robotic treatment is performed on every skin type.  These scripted commissioned based estheticians make a monetary fee for service upgrades, again, not really taking you into account and meeting your personal needs or expectations.


So what is the solution?

First and foremost education is everything. Find a licensed esthetician that continues to further their education by attending credited courses and is a member of the Florida Esthetics Association and other industry organizations. Ask them “what are the last three seminars you have attended?” Also, ask “what treatment protocols are you certified to do?” Find someone genuine that you connect with and trust. An ongoing relationship with an esthetician is vital to the ever changing needs of your skin.

Experience the difference of an award winning boutique spa

All of our skin care services begin with a free skin analysis to actually determine together what the focus should be for your particular skin type. We believe everyone deserves beautiful healthy skin. Urban Retreat Spa will only use and sell skin care products that are the results of vigorous research through lab testing backed by science and tested by clinical trials on patients. We prefer products with ingredients that are naturally found in the skin and body for maximum bio-compatibility. We do not condone testing on animals, the use of petrochemicals or chemical preservatives. Our products are free of carcinogens, like parabens, synthetic dyes, phthalates or silicones. We do not use anything with mineral oil, petrolatum, lanolin or synthetic fragrances. We believe you deserve better. If we would not use it on our skin, we certainly are not using it on yours. In fact, we are firm believers in letting you sample before you purchase. All of our treatments provide you with a free take home kit to help you decide before you buy. We keep our prices “reality based” by not advertising, as the overwhelming majority of our new customers are existing customer referrals.

Our pledge to you is our continued passion for education, innovation and our leadership role in bringing you, our customer, our friend, the area’s best skin care. Expect results.